Monday, October 27, 2008

Ther's no change like no change

Dear George,

You may not amount to much, but the one quality you do possess is the same one found in a lightening rod--you ground and neutralize the flashes of rebellion that light up the sky from time to time. Without you to draw off all this energy the peasants might have woken up and seen the seismic changes that have reconfigured America. Without you to focus their anger on, they might have demanded deep systemic changes in our corporatist state. Now they are convinced that once you leave office, the defiled statue of Miss Liberty will be restored to her former glory.

Such thinking is why they are peasants.

By personalizing the ills of the corporatist state in your person, the public remains blinded to the force that has driven America for the past sixty years, and that is a nomenklatura made up of mostly unelected officials from the private and public sectors. It’s not a grand conspiracy, but a blind momentum driven by ego, greed and stupidity.

Your contribution to our democracy is that you will be blamed for the sins of Harry, Dwight, John, Lyndon, Dick, Gerry, Jimmy, Ronnie, daddy and Billy. Every one of them served the nomenklatura and danced to its tune. But, it is you who will get the blame.

I mean hell, George, Billy set us up for the current meltdown with his compulsive deregulation disorder. Deregulation was the only thing he loved more than sex. The only difference between him and you is that he was a better bullshit artist.

Yes, they all fronted for the nomenklatura, but you were the perfect shill. Past presidents had a tendency to think too much, a problem you have never had. Your bland smile and good ol’ boy persona made you the perfect Judas goat leading Miss Liberty to the abattoir.

The world will never realize the greatness of your contribution because the nomenklatura will disown you as part of a public relations ploy to scam the peasants into believing democracy has been restored to America, though not one page of the onerous legislation you passed will be repealed. The Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act will stand in all their glory. The finance sector will be the target of some token regulations, but will continue to bleed the country dry.

And the peasants will dance in the streets, even as their houses are being bugged and their email read.

There’s no change like no change.

Your admirer,
Belacqua Jones


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