Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pacis pro Diripio

It is axiomatic that the sole qualification for leadership is an inflated ego. What many fail to realize that inflated egos are equally important for the masses. When the ego is elevated, a space is staked out and barricaded against the vibrancy of the outside world. Thus, the world becomes the “other,” an external threat that controls the mob and keeps it inside.

An inflated ego keeps exiles God to a distant galaxy. This allows the state to use a pale imitation of God, not to liberate, but to enslave. This tepid God becomes the soothing voice whispering at the outer edges of the ego as it seeks fulfillment through louder noises and more expensive toys.

The state must destroy God as a living presence in the here and now and place Him in a utopian future created from the smoke and mirrors of push polls and rhetoric that inspires as it numbs. It must create a world in God’s image only to the extent that the sweet breath of the Spirit is replaced by death’s rank stench of destruction.

The ego flourishes best in the brightness of a bank of fluorescent lights that cast no shadows. The darkness of doubt and uncertainty are dangerous, for they can lead to questions, which, in turn, can lead to thought. Then there is the danger that one of the proles might look out his window and be appalled at what he saw.

The state owes a huge debt of gratitude to pharmaceuticals and their meds that insure the healthy growth of the ego. Let the ego be glorified in its medicated purity; let it find the peace that passeth all understanding in the next prescription refill.

--Belacqua Jones


Mark Prime (tpm/Confession Zero) said...

Then there is the danger that one of the proles might look out his window and be appalled at what he saw.Since they're drugged up, either via a pharmaceutical or Fox News, it ain't gonna happen.

Makes me thankful that I am drug free. Except for Caffeine and nicotine and the internet and the occasional intOke of southern "alfalfa" and the pop of a few of Ibuprofen. Other than the aforementioned, I'm free of drugs. :>)

Case Wagenvoord said...

I don't know. They might be starting to raise their heads a little.