Friday, June 26, 2009

Killing for laughs

The Neocon-rightwing-jingoistic noise machine would be a great source of comic relief if their antics didn’t kill so many innocent people. In the proper hands, language can soar and brush heaven’s face. In the noise machine’s hands, it is a clown crawling in the gutter.

One of their finer routines is their blather about moral character/fiber of America. They see it as seriously lacking. However, we must understand that by moral character they mean a homicidal abstinence. “Sex bad, killing good”, they grunt. It’s bad to fuck a person outside of a monogamous, heterosexual marriage, but good to fuck a country rich in resources.

They justify this by claiming that war builds character. Mind you, it doesn’t build the character of those actually fighting the damn war. If anything, it destroys their character, as it must, because that is the only way they will survive. What it does do, they claim, is build the moral character of the spectators. They see war as a rallying point for the country, forming it into a unified and almost totalitarian whole focused only on the victory that will be won by those who are destroyed doing the actual fighting.

Their memory banks are still mired in the glory days of World War II, which was the last war America won, unless you count the epic struggles in Granada and Panama.

That’s why they were elated over 9/11. It was another Pearl Harbor that would unite America into a pliable patriotic whole as united we stood against the forces of evil by creating evil ourselves.

That lasted until W. invaded Iraq and it became apparent that 9/11 was simply an excuse to implement the Big Dick’s energy policy.

It’s a pity that the only ones who now take them seriously are members of the Democratic Party that still shake in their boots every time the machine speaks and spreads the rank odor of its patriotic halitosis over the land.

They are vampires who live for the blood of the innocent, sucking our nation dry as they goad us from one imperial misadventure to another.

They are our arrested adolescents who have been given too many deadly toys to play with, and like a gang of bored teenagers who trash an empty house for the sheer fun of it, they have left our economy and our nation in shambles.

We thought Obama would take away their toys. Instead, he is giving them even more to play with.

Whose house is next?


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