Monday, September 21, 2009

Random Thoughts Apropos of Nothing in Particular

  • The trouble with organized religion is that all too often the ego farts and the soul thinks the Breath of the Spirit is upon it.
  • We want nature to be governed by hard and fast laws. However, a flyswatter plays havoc with the law of nature governing a fly's life. Laws of nature exist as abstract generalizations; in reality, it's all chaos.
  • When government and religion wed, Hell pays for the receptions for the child of the union is Death.
  • GWB's twisted logic that posits, "If I did it, it's legal," lives on. It's moral relativism on steroids. In other words, the king always farts perfume.
  • God only promised us no more floods. He said nothing about our self-extinction.
  • There's no law that says the next Messiah can't be a cockroach.


TAO Walker said...

No law, either, that there has to be any "next messiah." to paraphrase that old song, "Got along without 'em before we we met 'em, gonna get along without 'em now."

Anyhow, even "chaos" is not (underneath it all) really random.


Case Wagenvoord said...

To our buttoned-down minds randomness is chaos.

TAO Walker said...

Well, that does nicely sum-up a big element in what ails the domesticated peoples.

So you'll maybe have to go out-of your "minds."

Take it from a Person who's Lived there for a very long time, " is a far, far better place...." than where you're all stuck now.