Wednesday, December 30, 2009

We fight; China prospers

Finally we know the real reason we’re in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our military’s mission is to prepare the way for China’s commercial interests. First, China and Russia squeezed us out of the oil concessions in southern Iraq. Now the Wednesday edition of The New York Times tells us that China has won the rights to mine one of the world’s richest copper deposits near the village of Aynak in Afghanistan. (The current price of copper is $6,600 a ton.)

The article points out that, “The world’s superpower is focused on security. It’s fastest rising competitor concentrates on commerce.”

Of course, the Chinese have one advantage we don’t—they aren’t saddled with a voracious corporate-military parasite that needs a steady diet of wars and threats to survive. We destroy; China builds. Our military drags us into bankruptcy; China prospers.

As one Afghani put it, “The Chinese are much wiser. When [they] went to talk to the local people they wore civilian clothing, and they were friendly. The Americans—not as good. When they come there, they have their uniforms, their rifles and such, and they are not as friendly.”

The article notes that the Chinese “flush with money and in control of both the government and major industries, meld strategy, business and statecraft into a seamless whole.”

The copper contract China has inked with Afghanistan underscores the difference between their approach and ours.

· They will build a 400-megawatt generating plant to power both the mine and Kabul. We bomb wedding parties.
· They will dig a new coal mine, with Afghani workers, to power the generating plant. We kill women and children.
· They will build a smelter to refine the copper. We torture.
· They will build a railroad to carry ore to the smelter and refined copper back to china. We support a corrupt regime.
· They will build schools, roads and mosques. We have reduced their country to rubble.

The article goes on to point out that, “[T]he conclusion is inescapable: American troops have helped make Afghanistan safe for Chinese investment.

China is proving that the pen is mightier than the sword, especially if the pen is used to ink contracts.


Ivan Hentschel said...

Ours is a society of consumption; China's is of production. And as we enable Chinese production, even sending them our raw materials, we will soon realize we are consuming ourselves. This is economic tuberculosis. It is perhaps even atrophic behavior, an entropy which is self- directed?

Isn't there a fable about the grasshopper and the ant? Or maybe that our ravenous hare is gobbling down everything in sight, while the massive tortoise plods along toward the next epoch, better prepared...and while eating our lunch.

It is ironic that the Chinese have learned to prosper from production that does not hinge on building war machines.

Ravana said...

It's further important to note how the Chinese are strategically getting better of the Anglo-American infantile rebellion that sow the Imperial China briefly on their knees, in other words, how they, even after going red at the middle of the 20th century resolved to and now successfully are beating the champions of liberal capitalism in their own game.

Ivan Hentschel said...

Ravanna: I am not a Chnese scholar, but isn't thatone of the "Rules of War"? Knowing your enemy? Emulating him (it)?

Case Wagenvoord said...

Your TB metaphor sums it up beautifully.

China is still a state-run capitalist society. They've simply gotten better at it.

Ravan said...

As Ivan's TB metaphor sums it up beautifully, I think it can similarly be applied to the other liberal capitalist societies too. And I'm not quite clear what Case is trying to say by"China is 'still' a state-run capitalist society"...Is it that they have not reached the heights of liberalism as achieved by the western block?

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