Saturday, January 9, 2010

Providence Rules!

Divine Providence is to the state what a chef’s knife was to Jack the Ripper, an instrument of policy. The beauty of Devine Providence is its long-term vision. No matter how disastrous the consequences of a given decision, providence promises that all will be well in the end as long as we equate the events with "God's will."

Divine Providence allows the leader who is up to his neck in shit to declare, “I did the right thing.” Alan Hart says of that statement, “In discourse analysis it’s known as the false dilemma. You can’t argue with somebody, particularly a leader who insists he was doing what was right because, implicitly, you invite yourself to be seen as arguing for what is morally wrong.”

The leader who believes that his nation is a manifestation of providence lobotomizes the brain’s feel for decency. As soon as he is convinced that God is behind him, the leader will not shrink from wading through a waist-high lake of blood and viscera because the slaughter his decision causes is justified by the noble end his policy is pursuing.

From whence does this Divine Providence come? It is really quite simple: The ego farts and the soul thinks the breath of the Spirit is upon it.


Ivan Hentschel said...

This is uniquely oblique, but if I read you correctly, we have become expert in deluding ourselves enough to then allow our leaders to delude and decieve US, by invoking Divine Providence...which is, of course, self-proclaimed and self-imbued, and that the Divine, of course, plays no role in its' creation or use, whatsoever.

It stand to reason, ipso facto, that if should we should continue in this path of malaise and lack of mental acuity, we deserve whatever we might get?

If so, then, I agree.

Case Wagenvoord said...

I think we're already getting it.