Wednesday, December 12, 2007

In Praise of Deviant Growth

Dear George,

There is a belief among the indigenous peoples of Siberia that lice are a sign of good health. Their presence is proof that one’s blood is disease free. This is folk wisdom at its best because it shows how a positive attitude can take what most people would consider a curse and turn it into a benefit.

Our corporatists show a similar ability when they treat cancerous economic growth as a sign of strength even though it is bleeding the world dry. A talent like this works best with a refracted worldview in which bad is good and down is up.

A positive attitude makes all things possible, and our Corporatists secrete it. Just as the world is entering the Age of Peak Oil, our Corporatists are planning to build two superhighways that will stretch from Ontario and Montana down through Mexico. It is a plan that shows great courage in the face of a pending calamity. Only a visionary could spit on disaster by daring it to show its face.

They plan to give us an asphalt monster four football fields wide. Dubbed the Super Corridor, the highway will be a clogged artery allowing the free flow of useless goods across the decimated face of North America and Mexico.

There are political benefits to its construction. All along its route, the public is opposed to it. Construction will be a stimulating lesson is the futility of public opinion. In Mexico, it will displace the poor who have been so troublesome to the orderly administration of that company (I mean “country”).

The Super Corridor a classic example of the dynamic that has allowed the Corporatist State to displace popular democracy by treating deviant behavior as an historical imperative. Actions considered sociopathic by the sane are treated as “economic development” by our Corporatists. That is why they are rich and the proles are poor.

Our Corporatists greatest contribution to the world has been the legitimization of madness. For that, we owe them our deepest gratitude.

Your admirer,
Belacqua Jones

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