Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Brave New Vision

Dear George,

The biblical prophets roared; today’s prophits whisper. The ancient prophets spoke poetry; our prophets speak in sterile words sucked dry of passion. The early prophets liberated; today’s prophets enslave. Old prophets raged against authority; contemporary prophets serve it.

And we do have a gaggle of prophets busily at work like a swarm of termites gnawing away at democracy’s support beams.

All prophets, both old and new, foresaw the eminent collapse of a way of life. The prophets of the Bible saw the fall of Israel because she had strayed from God. Our prophets see the collapse of the United States because of corporatism’s multiple excesses. Where old prophets demanded change, our demand that we stay the course.

Our prophets whispered in 1974, and nobody heard. That was when the SRI Center for the Study of Social Policy issued their report, Changing Images of Man. The document was spurred by the knowledge among our elite that our economic system was headed for an eventual collapse. Warnings about peak oil had surfaced, we were busily making enemies around the world by funding coups, death squads and torture chambers, and capital’s need to consolidate and increase its wealth was beginning to widen the gap between rich and poor.

The report was grounded on the fallacy that makes the term “social science” one of history’s great oxymorons: that man is a passive lump of soft clay that can be molded into any shape that best serves the elite.

In its brilliance, the report argued that those best suited to do the molding were the very people who had piloted our pending economic breakdown, our corporate elite. It would be like a dog eating its own shit.

Thus, were the creators of chaos to continue the chaos by teaching man to love and embrace it. The new freedom was the freedom to thrive on economic instability.

The report outlines five steps for the implementation of this great transformation:

1. Promote awareness of the unavoidability of the transformation
2. Foster construction of a guiding vision of a workable society built around the new image of man and new social paradigm.
3. Foster a period of experimentation and tolerance for diverse alternatives.
4. Encourage a politics of righteousness and a heightened sense of public of public responsibilities of the private sector…A politics of righteousness might have been laudable in any generation; it may be indispensable for safe passage through the times ahead.
5. Promote systematic exploration of and foster education regarding man’s inner life, his subjective experience.
6. Plan adequate social controls for the transition period safeguarding against longer-term losses of freedom (as in untrammeled free enterprise. bj) Regulation and restraint of behavior will be necessary in order to hold the society (of proles—bj) together while it goes around a difficult corner.

So there it is, George, the master plan for your administration that explains why your every policy further weakens the United States until the day comes when she will be but a cog in a worldwide network of a unified corporatist world.

And what will the new man be? Our prophets envision a passive drone that counts his every misery as a blessing and who bows and pulls at his forelock whenever one of the corporatist elites enters the room. It will truly be a brave new world. The thought of it really turns me on.

Your admirer,
Belacqua Jones

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