Monday, January 7, 2008

Self Destruction as Self Parody

Dear George,

Mornings suck! I dread those first waking moments when I lay there in the funk of unwashed bedding while the leaden ennui of a drug-induced boredom engulfs me. It is a boredom sucked dry of novelty and euphoria, a total vacuity of existence devoid of purpose and meaning, emptiness in search of the slightest stimulus to justify a pointless existence. Then, as I suck the sacred smoke of redemption into my lungs, I think of America’s slide into self destruction and that is reason enough for me to postpone my demise for another day.

Self destruction is why I love our Corporatists so. They are the masters. The very act energizes them as the financialization of capital turns inward and slowly devours itself. The key to their success is their belief in the fairy tale of unbroken expansion and economic growth. They cling to this belief by donning blinders that insure their vision will go no further than the end of their peckers. The Corporatist dares not to look beyond the next quarter, the next election or the next news cycle for to do so would be to stare into the void and confront the emptiness that is the ground of their being. In the face of this void, the Corporatist must maintain an unflinching optimism that sees every disaster and downturn as an opportunity to produce even more disasters and downturns.

To the Earth, this unbroken growth is a cancer that is slowly killing the planet organ by organ, which is why Corporatists and environmentalists are at such loggerheads. For the Corporatists, growth is growth and it makes little difference whether or not it is malignant. It is this ability to define disease as a value-free phenomenon that defines the Corporatist’s professionalism.

The only viable solution to the scourge of expansion is more expansion because the corporation’s rational and predetermined structural framework is one of expansion for the sake of expansion. There is no alternative because the only alternative is the demise of corporate capitalism. This is why it is structurally impossible for Corporatism to be concerned with its ongoing survival.

Systems, like organisms, exist to reproduce themselves. Each act of reproduction involves both replication and modification. With the corporation, each modification is a step closer to self parody.

Your admirer,
Belacqua Jones

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