Thursday, February 7, 2008

Free Trade and Aging Whores

Dear George,

When it comes to the exercise of power, no force on the face of the earth can beat the pious mindset of the Euromericans. Given the deftness with which we wield power, there can be no doubt that we are a Christian nation. It is all a question of prioritizing. The faith teaches us that sexual licentiousness is a symptom of moral decay, while the ruthless exercise of power displays strength of character. The reason is quite simple: cum cream is ickier than blood.

Blood is poetry. It sings of race and of the Fatherland, the Motherland and the Homeland. It sings of the glory of slaughter, the thrill of rape and the exhilaration of pillage. Cum cream is simply a messy glob someone has to clean up.

It all boild down to a question of decency. The key is to completely identify decency with sexual propriety and totlally divorce it from society's treatment of "the least among you".

Power is only power as long as it clings to power. The problem with power is that it ages, and as it ages, it tends to lose its potency. This is why power must constantly reinvent itself and why the emphasis must shift from barbarity to technology and ideology.

Historically, the purest exercise of Euromerican power has been colonialism. Tragically, colonialism took a major hit at the close of World War II as indigenous people the world over, who witnessed the total destructiveness of the war, decided that the Whiteman must be a head case and started fighting for their independence.

This was about the time America emerged as a military and economic power. If there is one thing power hates, it is a challenge to its supremacy. After a nation has occupied the seat of power for a period of time, it becomes much like the aging whore who feels threatened by the young tarts working her beat. There is one significant difference: the only weapon an aging whore has is a blade with which to slash her young competitors. The powerful nation-state, on the other hand, has an entire arsenal of military and economic weapons at its disposal.

Our movers and shakers realized that the only way they would be able to cling to power was by repackaging colonialism. Thus was the Washington Consensus born. What a glorious con job that was. In the name of “free” trade and economic development we were able to hamstring the emerging economies of the Third World.

Emerging economies grow and prosper by protecting their infant industries through protectionist tariffs. The most efficient way to cripple an emerging economy is by forcing them to open their borders to every thief and pirate who is out to make a profit, and we Euromericans have cornered the market on theft and piracy.

This exploitation becomes increasingly important as the United States sinks into economic ruin. Maintaining one’s status as a superpower ain’t cheap. Just as old whores spend a fortune on anti-aging creams and makeup, so must the aging powerhouse spend a fortune on military hardware.

Not to worry, George, Euromerican ingenuity will save the day. As more countries come the recognize the Washington Consensus for the scam it is, our bean counters will simply redesign their strap-ons and come up with an even more creative way to shaft the brown skins.

Power’s roar will continue to echo off of the walls of our empty coffers for many generations to come. The wonderful thing is that when the system finally collapses, you and I will be long dead.

Your admirer,
Belacqua Jones


Anonymous said...

when dennis dropped out of the race because he was not allowed to participate, i was really at a loss of who i would vote for.
then one evening i am "tube boobing" and see this news show interviewing girls working at "the bunny ranch" a brothel, (sweeps week?) in some armpit of nevada. well, this very cute young blond, (yea, i'd do her...and i LOVE dick,lol) made a good point and said that she didn't like the whole bush/clinton "monarchy". i just thought, she's so right. i just have to take my chances with obama, even though i think hillary is probably more qualified, i just don't see any real change. so, who knows, but if we are going to go down, it might as well be with the cute blond. lol

Case Wagenvoord said...

If you can't trust a hooker, who can you trust?