Saturday, September 27, 2008

To the hubric, death is for the living.

Dear George,

With events breaking faster than boils on a syphilitic whore, I find the only way to wrap my mind around them is to be completely stoned. It is only when my brain detaches itself from my body and jets around the cosmos that I am able to put things into perspective and tap into the broken psyche of the teenage bully that drives our foreign and domestic policy.

The Wall Street bailout plan is limping ever closer to fruition, and once again a craven democratic congress has wimped out and dropped their demand for revisions in the bankruptcy laws that would aid troubled homeowners.

You are a miracle, George. Even though your administration is a corpse, it can still cow the democrats (And Jesus thought he was something coming back from the dead in three days. Hell, you’re dead and you’re still getting your way).

And let us understand one thing, it is all about death. Its stench wafts across the land as the Big Dick’s nonnegotiable American Way continues to decay. The United Nations General Assembly even held a wake last week when world leaders gathered to open the session.

Brazilian President Lula da Silva delivered the first eulogy when he “passionately expounded the new political, economic and commercial geography of the multipolar world…He blasted supranational institutions that now have no authority—and no policies—to prevent ‘speculative anarchy’.”

The same article points out that Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez didn’t bother attending the session because he was busy cutting “mega-deals” with the Chinese, while the Russians have sent their nuclear-powered cruiser, Peter the Great to conduct joint naval exercises in the Caribbean with the Venezuelan navy.

Another writer points out “that drastic measures taken by the U.S. Treasury marked the effective end of the ‘Anglo-Saxon’ model of free markets and unfettered capitalism that Washington has been avidly exporting for several decades, often through the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.”

The writer points out that while your GWOT has kept us bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan, “China in recent years has already become a much bigger player in terms of aid and investment in Africa and Latin America, and, what with the ‘U.S. banking sector in a shambles, it’s much less likely that countries will go to New York to get finance and do business’ than before according to Dean Baker, do-director of the Centre for Economic and Policy Research CEPR).”

That is your legacy, George: You did what the Soviets were never able to do—you buried capitalism. Granted you had a lot of help, going all the way back to the Truman administration. But, you were the tipping point, the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. Your neocons and neoliberals were so blinded by their hubris that they never saw the canyon’s edge until they had plunged over it.

But, that’s the beauty of hubris: you think the wind rushing past your ears as you fall is a sign of your sharp climb into the heavens.

Your admirer,
Belacqua Jones


Anonymous said...

excellent rant, thank you.The Dems make me sick.No bankruptcy help,just welfare for the rich.So much for the cult of personal responsibility,that shit`s for the poor,who don`t bundle campaign contributions.George and BD love to bathe together in the human misery they create.Meth is nothing compared to that shit! Stay safe,Man

Case Wagenvoord said...

Sooner or later, we've got to get a second party.