Thursday, January 22, 2009

He's ruining our prosperity!

Dear George,

My God isn’t this shaping up to be a dull administration. This two-year ban on the revolving door between government and private enterprise is enough to put a person to sleep. Look at what it is costing us: the excitement of scandal, the joy of indictment, the thrill of sentencing and the schadenfreude that can only come with seeing a peer in an orange jumpsuit.

It really grinds me that you spent eight years perfecting a most perfect union between government and business, and this turkey is trying to tear it all down.

We are witnessing the death of expertise. After all, who is better qualified to draft legislation regulating a given industry than a lobbyist who has had extensive experience with both the industry and government? What has drawn the talented to government service like vultures to carrion has been the promise of the big bucks they can make when they pass from the public sector to the private.

Your successor has forgotten that the reason evil is so appealing is that it’s exciting. Virtue stifles the senses. The man who is engaged in an illegal activity exists in a state of heightened stimulation. Because he knows that he will be ruined if caught, he lives a life in which the senses are on high alert. It is a life of daring in which he holds his breath as he sees just how far he can push the envelope without being uncovered.

Integrity deadens. Too much of it attracts idealists who actually try to solve problems rather than profit from them. In end, integrity is a threat to our prosperity.

Your admirer,
Belacqua Jones

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