Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Western Progress

Dear George,

One of the happier byproducts of asymmetrical slaughter is the progress that evolves from it. Every bomb dropped and every missile launched changes us and makes us better than we were. The proof of this is found in Gaza.

In previous letters, I have mentioned the African Syndrome. Whenever the American viewing public sees an African on the tube, said African is sick, dead or dying. After a while, this is accepted as the norm. This explains why the outrage over Katrina dissipated so quickly. They were Africans; what do you expect?

Thanks to Israel, we now have the Arab Syndrome. The new norm is the battered body of an Arab toddler wrapped in a funeral shroud accompanied by the keening of its parents.

I pointed out, yesterday, that Gaza is the Whiteguy’s last hurrah. It is the logical outcome of a twentieth century that has seen Western values curdle in the white heat of two world wars and a body count that runs into the hundreds of millions. The initial reaction to slaughter is outrage. This is followed by an ethical numbness as the mind becomes use to seeing piles of corpses bulldozed into ditches. Over time slaughter is accepted as an instrument of policy.

The net result has been the snuffing out of an Enlightenment that was once a burning torch that illuminated the world, leaving only the smoldering stench of racism and violence in its stead.

We have convinced ourselves that Whiteguys are the center of the universe, forgetting that the center of the universe is a black hole that sucks all matter to its destruction. And that is what we are doing as we lay waste to the Middle East, all in the name of the cultural purity of materialism and consumerism.

Power burlesques the values it purports to stand for as it turns them into an exercise in black humor that calls state terrorism “defense” and freedom fighters “terrorists”. Being powerful, we are above judgment because our every act is morally correct because we are powerful.

All power inevitably turns violent simply because it can get away with it. In doing so, it guarantees that even more violence will be necessary in the future. One writer, commenting on Gaza, said, “If Hamas is weakened it will not be a more moderate Palestinian group that will take the helm.”

The IDF has a lock on the future.

Your admirer,
Belacqua Jones


Dr. Omed said...

You do good work, Case. If you posted this to a diary on Daily Kos, you'd be deluged in comments.

Case Wagenvoord said...

The idea has merit.

Anonymous said...


I want Belacqua to have his own Colbert Report! Or at least a (Lewis Black)'Back in Black' type suppliment to the show every now and then.

It would be much more biting and hard edged though.

I'm wondering how the Persona/Character of Belacqua should be presented.

I'm thinking kind of a Ted Haggard in suit and tie top, with only a speedo on below the waist, an IV bag infusing constant amphetamines into him, and a 'pool boy' coming by every now and then to caress his thighs, nibble on his ear, and change his bag of saline/speed. All done in front of the backdrop of the Cross, Jesus, the Flag, Children giving the old Bellamy salute, a painting of Jerry Falwell carved into Mount Rushmore, and a depiction of Ronald Reagan ascending to Heaven.

Anyone have a Video Camera? I think I have a youtube idea. lol

Case... you rule beyond verbal description.

Here is another great article concerning Gaza that I came by:


Case Wagenvoord said...

What I lhad in mind was a pin spotlight on a pair of lips painted a garish red that twist and turn as Belacqua spouts his madness, ala Samuel Beckett.

Case Wagenvoord said...

p.s. I've read the Truthdig article. Very true.