Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our Future

(Feeling lazy today, so I dipped into the archives—cw)

Dear George,

All politics are a death wish. This is especially true as the nation-state gives way to the market-state. The market-state exists only to maximize profit and to protect its interests. It can only do so by sucking the blood out of those with blood left to suck. The blood of the innocent is its Eucharistic wine. The merger of the corporation and the state has been a boon to this death wish.

Death is best facilitated by an innocent aggression that is divorced from the consequences of its actions. This innocent aggression is most prevalent in the arrested adolescent, a subspecies of Homo sapiens found in the corporate corridors of power. In the arrested adolescent you have an energetic dynamo untainted by the weariness of morality. They are able to facilitate death because they deny its reality. It’s all a video game to them.

They seek the fountain of youth in their gyms and health spas, drinking their imported water as they rub oils and ointments into their faces to restore the faded glow of their youth. Here are the fifty-somethings who leave their wives or thirty years for their twenty-something secretaries, their Viagra tucked away in their briefcases, desperate to keep their vital fluids flowing through their clogged and decaying channels.

Maturity is anathema to the market-state, because it too often turns to questions of good and evil, a counterproductive activity if there ever was one. What we need is the exuberance of aged youths who care more about the rush of the “now” than the consequences of any given act.

This is why the infusion of corporatism into the halls of government is such a boon. There you find burnt-out frat boys who will order destruction for the youthful excitement it offers. To destroy with state sanction is the dream of every arrested adolescent.

Let us open our arms to them, for they are the future of America.

Your admirer,
Belacqua Jones

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