Sunday, February 22, 2009

Thank God!

Dear George,

I have just released a protracted sigh of relief. In spite of all his rhetoric about “change you can believe in” and the hint that a Brave New World would be ushered in with his administration, it looks as if Obama in slowly sinking down into the black tar pit they call the Beltway. His soul may soar, but muck has his feet locked in Thanatos’s loving grip.

For a moment, I was afraid peace would break out, but, thank God, the Terrorist Production Program that you initiated has shifted back into fifth gear. Obama is increasing missile strikes inside Pakistan, aimed at a militant network seeking to destabilize the USA approved government, thus guaranteeing that the government will be further destabilized.

The Beltway’s intellectual yokels have prevailed and our institutionalized paranoia is safe and secure.

The paradox of your Eternal War of the Empty Policy is that is perpetuates itself by producing an unending supply of terrorists by fighting them. The more we destroy them, the more they grow and the more money we sink into fighting them so we produce more of them, which demands even more money to fight the ones we have produced.

It will never end.

Obama is learning a valuable lesson in leadership. There are four absolutes that govern a civilized society: don’t kill, don’t steal, don’t lie and don’t exploit. An enlightened leader must rise above these absolutes because he can only operate in an atmosphere of absolute freedom unhindered by either decency or morality. The absolutes are only to keep the proles in line.

It matters not that our economy is hollowing out. As long as we have a robust supply of terrorists on hand, the few will continue to prosper.

Your admirer,
Belacqua Jones

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