Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Guilt--who needs it?

Dear George,

I just read a piece about a bleeding heart who claims that if we fail to “master the past” by coming to terms with our nation’s crimes through law, atonement and reconciliation, then even those who did not participate in the crimes share the guilt. This speaker was German, so it follows that he’s really into atonement. We've not yet attained their numbers.

The writer goes on to say that, “In fact, buried deep in America’s moral high ground are the bones of millions of victims of whom most Americans seem oblivious.” Of course there are! What do you expect, given our pathological fetishization of power? No nation can achieve greatness without grinding up a few bones.

I fail to understand why people get worked up over atrocities. First off, they aren’t atrocities; they’re how we secure our entitlements whenever they are threatened. We’re entitled to Mideast oil, so we snuff anyone who gets in our way. As the Big Dick said, the American way of life is non-negotiable, and because it represents the highpoint of Man’s moral development, we are honor bound to defend it by fair means or foul.

All we have to do is reposition atonement by giving it an imperial spin. Obama seems to understand this. The same article tells us:

Several weeks ago, Patrick Leahy, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, proposed the establishment of a truth commission to investigate illegal practices by members of the Bush administration. Yet President Obama has repeatedly stated his opposition to this, instead declaring that he wants to “get it right [by] moving forward.”

There you have imperial atonement: put it behind us and get busy ramping up our next atrocity. There’s no need for guilt or atonement as long as one Predator drone is still in the air looking for another wedding party to snuff.

World War II showed the world that we are the hero in a white hat that gunned down the outlaw. The simple fact that the hero went postal after that and started knocking off innocent bystanders in no way negates the good he did in killing the outlaw.

Guilt is only for those who remember the past. This is why America enjoys such a guilt-free life.

What past?

Your admirer,
Belacqua Jones

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