Sunday, May 31, 2009

O, the horror of it!

How dare she! How dare Judge Sonia Sotomayor challenge our precious myth that we are a classless, raceless democracy in which all prosper and all are happy?

She has pulled the string on the right wing noise machine and they are responding with a spittle spray of good old fashioned, down-home one-hundred percent red-blooded American rage.

According to Saturday’s New York Times, her sin is that she “has championed the importance of considering race and ethnicity in admissions, hiring and even judicial selection at almost every stage of her career.”

The Times speaks of an “evolving consensus that such race-conscious public policy is growing obsolete” in our utopian society. The paper quotes Republican Senator John Cornyn who argues that, “The American ideal is that justice should be colorblind.”

This reminds us that the law isn’t about compassion or understanding; it’s all about following the dictates of its unique legal insanity. Sotomayer's attempt to breath sanity into this closed system shocks and apalls it's male gatekeepers.

Just how colorblind justice is is borne out by the numbers:

3,145 per 100,000 of black males are in prison
1,244 per 100,000 of Hispanic males are in prison
471 per 100,000 of white males are in prison

According to the right, we can ill-afford an ethnic judge who came out of the rough and tumble world of a Bronx public housing project. We need judges prejudiced by the halcyon world of the American suburb, shaped and influence by private schools and country club dances. Judge Sotomayor carries with her the stench of urban decay and poverty, both of which have no place in our self image.

Worst of all, there is the real and present danger that she will return the scourge of multiculturalism to the bench after conservatives have worked so hard to erase it from our collective consciousness.

Conservatives are zeroing in on a statement Sotomayor made eight years ago when she had the effrontery to suggest that in a case involving Hispanics, a Latina judge could reach a “better conclusion than a white male judge who did not share the same life experiences.”

Statements like that, coming from an intelligent Hispanic female castrate!

With his usual moral courage, Obama rushed to her defense by assuring the nation that, “I’m sure she would have restated it,” and his spokefolk emphasized that the comment “merited clarification.” The last thing Obama wants to do is upset his corporate handlers.

We must allow nothing to suggest that we are anything less than a homogeneous society in which any male, of the proper background, is fully qualified to pass judgment on all regardless of gender or socioeconomic background. All he need do is watch Fox News.

Our history is a brightly colored lithograph of white, square-jawed pilgrims walking resolutely to church to celebrate the first Thanksgiving before heading to the nearest mall for Black Friday.

None others need apply.

--Case Wagenvoord


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