Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The dawning of an age of new-age peace.

It’s beginning to become clear why Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. The guy hit the ground running.

Three months into his administration, he activated the U.S. Navy’s Fourth Fleet, that traditional instrument of gunboat democracy. According to the Navy, the fleet’s reactivation “demonstrates U.S. commitment to our regional partners.”

In this era of newspeak, one must understand the precise meaning of “partners.” The word doesn’t refer to any particular country, rather it refers to the oligarchies and latifundia that have kept the impoverished masses of the area under tight control.

It seems our "partners" are under siege from an emerging democratic left in countries like Venezuela, Bolivia, Equator and Brazil.

Praise God, the administration has a client state in Columbia, a country that boasts some of the finest death squads in the world, death squads that are well funded by our tax dollars.

In July, our Nobel laureate inked a deal with Columbia that will give the administration seven giant military bases, thus making “Columbia a regional hub for Pentagon operations.” With the bases in place, the Pentagon will be able to “achieve regional engagement strategy.”

The naïve might ask, “Well gosh! Where’s the threat to our national security?”

Silly child! Don’t you know that “national security” is a code word for “corporate security?” I mean, how in the hell are our multinationals going to exploit the region’s resources if leftist governments keep nationalizing them. How are we going to kick ass down there if, like Equator, they close our bases?

What it boils down to is that “peace” has a very precise meaning. Peace is market stability, and if we have to kick ass to achieve it, we will.

We’ve got the Nobel laureate to prove it.


TAO Walker said...

So enjoy this latest 'heir' to some of the dynamite king's guilt money....while you can.


party said...

If any body ask with me....
Obama's peace prize .Right or Wrong..

than i say its totally wrong choice..
he did nothing..

limo hire said...

Hi party,
and if anybody ask with me the same question than ...i choose right...yeap...totally right choice..and can you explain me in one line where you feel he did nothing?