Monday, October 12, 2009

Marketing Docility

The great leader is he who can sing the praises of that which he is destroying, thus maintaining a deniable distance between him and his victims. For example, to function at peak efficiency, the market state must dehumanize the populace by elevating the ego to a glory so bright the soul is lost in its glare. Thus, individualism is praised even as it is being destroyed.

The genius of American marketing was to convince the neutered and the dehumanized that the road to individuality was consumption. Through the ascendancy of the logo, individuality is expressed as brand loyalty, a loyalty that demands one’s humanity in exchange. The malignant is marketed as the divine.

The market state has convinced the public to act as a willing host for the parasitic market. The masses glory in their role as victim, which they believe is their elevation and glorification by their masters. Our marketers sell servitude as rebellion, conformity as individuation and docility as assertiveness.

By making them complicit in their enslavement, the masses go peacefully. Only in the market state is burnout a badge of honor, just as stress is a status symbol. They come to believe that if they are not on meds they are failures, because self-destruction is draped in the purple robe of success.

The role of the eloquent leader is to comfort them with the certainty of lies treated as absolutes even as he bleeds them dry, for they want reassurance more than they want truth.


Cirze said...

Thanks for this definition of the new (historically, anyway) normalism in the US.

You are even more eloquent today.


Only in the market state is burnout a badge of honor, just as stress is a status symbol.

Case Wagenvoord said...

I lie for the day I'll be wrong.

TAO Walker said...

The sub-species homo domesticus has been bred for ten thousand years to bring them to the shocking and awful CONdition described so accurately here. Yet even those amongst 'em still able to recognize this institutionalized degradation are unable to see it for the inevitability it has been from the day "civlization" reared its ugly heads here....or to trace it to its actual origins.

Tame humans are 'products' of a process no more self-initiated and controlled than the infernal one which turns captive livestock into fast food is the 'work' of chickens, pigs, and cows. Keeping the captive two-leggeds CONvinced otherwise, though, has always been an essential aspect of keeping them CONfined to he CONtraption....from our tormentors perverted point-of-view.

The Way out of the damned thing is The Tiyoshpaye Way.


Case Wagenvoord said...

The big difference is that they extract meat from animals and profits from humans.

TAO Walker said...

Actually it is misery and pain and fear and death itself the tormentors feed-on. The 'profits' are only there to keep their two-legged collaborators operating the processing apparatus from catching-on too soon to the fact they're every-bit as much fodder for their self-styled overlords as are the 'lower orders.'

There's really no need to complicate what's happening here with a bunch of make-believe morality. Basic biology accounts for everything.