Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The New Presidency

Those who excruciate Barack Obama for his betrayal of the progressive platform upon which he campaigned fail understand the new dynamics of contemporary presidents of the United States.

Presidents are no longer presidents who actually run the country. The last president who tried to do that was Jimmy Carter, and they destroyed him. When a president campaigns on a platform of “change,” his definition of change is to tweak the status quo.

In truth, the president, today, is little more than a media event. His primary function is to act as a spokesman and shill for K Street, which is where the real power resides. Ronnie was little more than a pitchman for the corporate state. His silken voice was the K-Y Jelly that greased up the public’s anus so it could be properly reamed. Both Bush the First and Clinton wasted three terms kissing K Street’s ass, GWB vacationed while K Street ran the country, and Obama is proving to be one of the Street’s more articulate spokesman.

Thanks to their cooperation and subservience, K Street has managed to reduce the American flag to a corporate logo. This is why every wannabe politician wears one in the lapel of his tailored suit coat. The pin is a coded message to let K Street know that the politician will stay on message. This is why there was such a flap during the 08 campaign when Obama showed up at a rally without a pin. This was a show of independence K Street couldn’t abide. Obama dutifully sported a pin at his next appearance.

Nor is our Congress any longer a Congress. It is a K Street working group that rubberstamps legislation drawn up by K Street’s minions. K Street funds congressional campaigns and Congress funds K Street in return.

The people seem to like the arrangement even though it is shipping their jobs overseas and turning them out of their homes. It saves them the trouble of participating in the political process and the inconvenience of voting. And should they get testy, they will find themselves confronting militarized police forces.

The Beltway is a 24/7 theater in which nothing of substance happens because K Street is content. Real change will only happen when K Street is stirred to action, and we can rest assured that any systemic change will be to their benefit and not ours.


Ivan Hentschel said...

You paint an ugly picture, very very accuratey and with great deftness. However, I think you meant "excoriate" instead of "excruciate".

TAO Walker said...

Though having to be the 'butt' of "K" Street's perversions (without even the dubious 'benefits' of K-Y jelly) might well feel "excruciating" to the actual 'marks.' One wonders when it'll dawn on "the people" that their overseers' only interest now is how much money can be wrung-out of 'em before the entire CONtraption winds up in a heap of wreckage at the bottom of the pit everybody's been digging so witlessly for such a long time now.

Even if that 'awakening' happens, though, the question remains what "....your huddled masses" will do in-response.


Anonymous said...
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Case Wagenvoord said...

Ivan, I went with excruciate because the word is a tad stronger than excoriate.

Tao, Think people might be starting to wake up?

TAO Walker said...

Waking-up, as this Old Man may've suggested here before, will only magnify the domesticated peoples' horror of their helplessness, if they don't grow-up damned fast, as well. "Individuals" are invariably (and by careful design) infantile in their response capabilities. If the all bitching and moaning and weeping and wailing is bad now, imagine the din of inequity (in this "global" den-of-iniquity) when the billions still dozing in blissful ignorance are shocked out of their "dreams."

Is anybody besides us surviving free wild Human Beings really ready for that?


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