Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Other Shoe

The timing is precious. We are within days of learning the extent of Obama’s Afghan escalation; the banks are sitting on trillions in bailout money; more bailout money may be needed to continue the illusion of their solvency. Where, we ask, will the money for all this come from?

And, finally, the other shoe has dropped.

The Associated Press headline says it all: “Obama eyes domestic spending freeze.”

Well, not quite all. An across the board five percent reduction in domestic spending is waiting in the wings.

Note: there is no mention of cutting military spending. If anything, the domestic cuts and freezes are needed to help fund Obama’s Afghan escalation. However, no mention of this was made in the AP story. That is because our military budget resides in the Ark of the Covenant,, and a curse is laid on all who dare tamper with it.

The fear is that foreigners will stop financing our red ink, and this could prove detrimental to our statistical recovery. The 2009 budget year ended on Sept. 30 with a $1.42 trillion deficit. (Converting dollars to seconds of time, each trillion equals 37,000 years.)

There is some mumbling about raising taxes, but it’s just that. White House budget director Orszag said, “I’m not going to get into the mix between spending and revenues.” The golden rule for any politician who wants to stay in office is, “Cut; don’t tax.”

With every passing day, it is becoming more and more obvious that Obama is simply a Bush lite. The only change we’ve seen coming out of the White House is an increase in articulation.

Bush tried and failed to “reform” Social Security. Could it be…?

People are being turned out of their homes in droves. Unemployment is rising. Retail sales are down. The Fed’s bailouts are inflating another asset bubble. States are being forced to slash their budgets. And in the face of all this Obama has the balls to escalate an unnecessary war while the nation bleeds.

Shakespeare’s Puck said it all: “What fools these mortals be!” Especially if they hold elected office.


Ivan Hentschel said...

I wonder just how long it will take for everyone watching, here and abroad, to realize that the game of charades and smiley faces is over? Calling Obama "Bush lite" is generous. Words like fraudulent and prestidigitation come to mind.

Cirze said...

But did he really need balls to do this?

Ballddd off to my way of thinking.

Thanks, Case. You beat me to this one, but that's becoming par for the course (heh, heh, golf talk!).

I must be getting old (and slow).


And in the face of all this Obama has the balls to escalate an unnecessary war while the nation bleeds.

Case Wagenvoord said...

Ivan, Sometimes I can be a real wuss.

Suzane, I only caught this becaue I was up at 5:15 a.m.

TAO Walker said...

Looks like this is theamericanpeople's "invitation" to join the club of those other "third-world"-ers subjected to the tender mercies of "Chicago School" neo-lib debt-service austerities. La Garda is all ready to quell any "civil unrest" among "....your huddled masses," too.

Even this old Indian would like to be able to say they don't really have it coming....but honesty prevents.


Case Wagenvoord said...

We did dig our own grave.