Monday, June 30, 2008

The Decency of Indecency

Dear George,

If there is one thing history will remember you for, it is ridding politics of decency. You have deftly done this by making decency a personal virtue instead of a public one. When we say “In God We Trust,” we mean we trust God to keep the public so preoccupied with its personal salvation, it has no time for political issues.

Of course, there are public displays of “decency,” but these are strictly diversionary actions designed to direct public attention away from the real issues. Someone lathered up over gay marriage isn’t going to carp about our torturing dark-skinned aliens. The drive to bring intelligent design into the schools directs the drones’ attention away from a crumbling economy.

God is reduced to a marked deck of cards in a crooked poker game.

Encourage the drones to rail against pornography while you bomb women and children; let them damn Darwin while you shred their social safety net. Keep stoking the flames of moral indignation. You have a ready-made fire break in the name of Jesus that will keep those flames from consuming the Oval Office. Let His name keep rolling off your lips and the drones will never discover what a cesspool of corruption you have created.

Your admirer,
Belacqua Jones

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