Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Prick Production and the Corporate State

Dear George,

Now is when we separate the men from the boys, the wheat from the chaff and the insane from the sane. It is now that America must keep its smiley face firmly in place as our world continues to collapse around us. It is now that we must drag out shop-worn clich├ęs, such as, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” It is now that we wave the flag with increased vigor to draw attention from the water pouring over the decks of the ship of state. It is now that men possessing a unique talent must rise to the surface like turds in a toilet.

You ask, what type of men are we talking about?

Picture, if you would, a meeting of ten corporate executives who have sat down to plan strategy. The most powerful man at the table won’t be the one at the top of the food chain, nor will it be the one with the most income. The most powerful man at the table will be the biggest prick. And chances are, that prick will be a bean counter. Numbers make all sorts of mischief possible. That’s why, when Jesus trashed the temple, he went after the bean counters.

If the corporate state is to survive the assorted global catastrophes that are closing in around it, it will need an army of pricks. At any given meeting, the primary role of the prick is to quash blips of decency and morality as soon as they appear. It is the prick that raises evil from the slime that gave birth to it, polishes it up, and makes it the beacon that guides the corporate state through the rocks and shoals of disaster. It is the prick who makes sure that the ship of state does not rescue the multiple drones struggling to stay afloat in the stormy sea of free enterprise.

Prick production has been facilitated by the feral consumerism that has gripped the country since the corporate state hired Ronnie to play at being president. I know I am repeating myself, George, but it bears repeating: consumerism thrives best when it fragments both family and community. It is much easier to buy something you don’t need when you don’t have to discuss it with family members or peers.

A fragmented people is a self-centered people in which ego rules as the soul languishes. In most people, this pathology produces isolation and apathy. However, there are a few gifted individuals who thrive in their self-centeredness and grow up to be the pricks that turn the wheels of commerce and governance.

Traditionally, pricks have risen through the ranks simply by virtue their nastiness. The problem is that this process isn’t producing enough pricks. It is time the state went into the classroom and started earmarking those students who exhibit the personality traits that, if properly nurtured, will turn them into world-class pricks. In the past, such students have been referred to special education. This has to stop. We must realize that today’s emotionally disturbed child is tomorrow’s leader.

The health of the corporate state requires massive amounts of suffering. The pricks are best qualified to inflict this suffering because they simply don’t give a shit.

One final point, the most effective pricks are those who wear a smrky grin beneath stares that are as wide and empty as their souls.

Your admirer,
Belacqua Jones


Anonymous said...

My son is in special education. Special education is not about pricks. Perhaps you have been getting subliminal messages from Rush, I don't know. I used to respect you. But if this is what you think about a courageous kid, a kid labeled by social worker pricks as "unteachable, retarded and autistic"; a kid who works harder every day then anyone I know, a kid who revels in the simplicity of rainbows and who's heart is so pure it is breathtaking, than you are truly the prick

Case Wagenvoord said...

My blog is political satire, written by a fictional character who is little more than a meth-head. I should add a disclaimer that Belacqu's views do not reflect mine.

I spent fifteen years teaching autistic children. I love them dearly and repsect their humanity.

Sorry you took the post seriously.

Mark Prime (tpm/Confession Zero) said...

I can vouch for Case, anon. In no way did he intend for this to be taken in any other way than as a work of fiction.

Knowing that his work is presented as fiction might help you regain your respect for him.

Anonymous said...

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