Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Feeding Freedom

Dear George,

Power wears a noble mask. The uglier its face, the thicker the mask must be. Ours is history’s thickest.

We have unleashed upon the world the monster of Freedom’s March. It is a unique beast that frees by crushing. It has a highly refined sense of smell that can pick up the scent of oil oceans away, even though it is buried deep in the bowels of the earth.

It is attracted to oil because oil is its food and its sustenance. Without a daily fix of copious amounts of oil, Freedom’s March would grind to a halt and the world would remain trapped beneath the yoke of an oppressive peace.

The monster is ordained by God to lift this yoke from the people’s shoulders and to usher them into a new age of economic growth and grinding poverty. (The monster feeds only its owners; all others, it consumes.

The monster loves striking from the air for it knows freedom marches best when it rains death, destruction and fire down upon the innocent, thus snapping the chains that bind them.

It is a messianic mission that makes straight the way for the Messiah of economic development to enter Jerusalem astride its M2A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle while the faithful shout their hosannas as they lay their dead children in its path.

Such a noble mission is possible only if it is supported by legions of ideological retards who have abandoned the sharp rocks of reality for the fuzzy fantasies of world domination.

It is a futile effort to visit an imperial upgrade upon a world that really doesn’t want it. This futility is the source of its nobility, because to the ideological retard, short-term self destruction is a stimulating addiction. As the descent picks up steam the stimulation becomes almost sexual.

Don’t let Freedom’s March die, George. Find another excuse to keep it well fed and fat. Monsters don’t do diets.

Your admirer,
Belacqua Jones

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