Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Left that Left

Dear George,

The reason our corporatists not only cling to power but grow in stature and strength with every election is because both the left and right poles of the political spectrum are mired in delusive dream worlds.

True, our corporatists did let Pollyannas from the far right out of the nuthouse when you were elected. But they’ve screwed things up so badly that our corporatists have thrown their support to Obama as a safe, centrist candidate who will follow orders.

It was a tactical masterstroke. Obama’s candidacy has effectively neutralized the left who are now falling all over themselves to compromise their every ideal just so they can get Obama elected in anticipation of the radical changes he has no intention of making.

You see, the delusive belief that drives the left is that someday the Democratic Party will pay attention to them if they play nice.

It ain’t going to happen. There’s too much money to be made at the center-right, and the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) isn’t about to give this up.

According to writer Sunsara Taylor, the Chicago City Council was ready to pass a resolution against an attack on Iran. But, Mayor Daley derailed it by contending that, “Passing a resolution like that puts a lot of burden on [Obama’s] candidacy and injects something that should not be injected.” No doubt that “something” was a principled stand, which is anathema to our corporatists.

The same writer tells us that the United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ) folks are discouraging massive demonstrations when Democrats convene in Denver. The UFPJ is afraid such a demonstration would be construed as being “anti-Democratic Party.” So they've given their tacit support to your colonial wars in the hope they will pick up some scraps from the DLC table.
It’s the same twisted logic that led Democrats to support your Military Commissions Act just before the mid-term elections so they wouldn’t appear “weak on terrorism.” They really, really wanted to take over Congress so they could change nothing.

So now the left is going gaga over Obama. They look at him and they see another Camelot in the making. They forget that Camelot was a public relations ploy that concealed an administration that nearly got us toasted in a nuclear holocaust and dragged us into that quagmire we now call Vietnam.

What the left still doesn’t fathom is that we have a one-party system, the Corporatist Party. The only thing our elections decide is who gets first crack at the pork.

Just pray that the left doesn’t wake up one day and realize that the only way it will have any impact is to start a second party.

Your admirer,
Belacqua Jones


Anonymous said...

What is written here is nothing other than the way it really is...the left has to get over this is delusional to think that it can compromise with the Corporatist Party. Again and again we'll end up with the same old spiel: 'democrats' telling us we should be grateful that it isn't worse than it could be because of their 'realism' and 'maturity'. We've been shut out of the process, our democracy is a sham. The illusion of choice is what undermines our will to resist.

Case Wagenvoord said...

It's time for a second party.

Anonymous said...

The fact that the mayor of Chicago bears the name Daley is a good indications that nothing ever changes. Those in power stay in power even if they are two or three generation removed. For some reason, people just can't seem to break old habits. They must either be addicted to the old or afraid of the new. People tell me they don't have a choice but they did and they do. Kuncinich, Nader Mckinney, even Paul although he could make things worse, at least he represented change. People fall for the argument that a democrat needs to elected at all cost. I disagree, if enough people vote for alternative candidates it will send a message to the republican lites that people want change. Boy I gotta quit writing these long comments.

Case Wagenvoord said...

I'll second that. Well put.

Flimsy Sanity said...

Joan Baez sang it best: "a choice of cancer or polio"