Friday, September 12, 2008

Saving the Family to Save the Corporate State

Dear George,

Sarah Palin isn’t just the vice presidential nominee, she is the savior of the American Way of Life. Before she appeared on the scene, it looked as if the Culture Wars had been shoved to the back burner. Thanks, to Sarah, this ain’t going to happen as long as she has the strength to lipstick her snout.

Not many people realize that our entire corporate structure rests on the traditional family, and when family values take a beating, this structure is endangered. And, God knows, it’s taken a hell of a beating since the Sixties. Between bra burning feminists, the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) and gay marriage, the traditional male-dominated family appears to be on the ropes.

Some progress has been made in regaining lost territory. The ERA is dead and bra burning has given way to the fashion fetishism of Victoria’s Secret. However, gay marriage is on the ascendancy, and this represents a greater danger to America than either the ERA or the bra burners.

Nowadays, the public shrugs its shoulders and asks what difference it makes if two chicks get married. It makes a hell of a difference, and it doesn’t have a damn thing to do with either the Bible or religion. Our opposition is an economic one. Every blow against the traditional family is a blow against the corporate house of cards that is propping up our economy.

The value of the traditional family is that it reflects the corporate structure. Just as the corporation is a male-dominated hierarchical organization, so must the family be the same, for it is in the family that the young learn the conformity to male authority that makes them grist for the corporate mill into which they will step as adults.

And, George, an insipid conformity is the secret ingredient that has made America the world’s sole superpower.

Did you ever wonder why the suburbs of the Fifties were so bland? It is because they served a useful purpose: they produced a generation that was so devoid of any sort of cultural distinctiveness that they were tabulae rasae that could be plugged into any culture and thrive. Without these blank slates, globalization never would have happened. The soft wax of their souls was so malleable it could be formed into any shape the State desired.

Today, it may appear that this conformity has yielded to a generation of rebels with their tattoos, body piercings and raucous music. Don’t be fooled. They think they are escaping the pall of our corporate state, but the truth is that as blank slates they lack the cultural granite that might enable them to resist their manipulation.

How does one rebel against an empty life in which culture and meaning have been reduced to the logo one wears on one’s ass. The short answer is you don’t. The best you can do is change logos.

Which brings me back to Sarah: Thanks to her, the battle for family values is back on the front burner. Believe me, with her in the White House, bra burners will be struggling into that chastity belt of the Fifties, the Playtex Panty Girdle, while gays will be stoned to death.

Sarah knows that the strong papa is the cornerstone of our national security.

Your admirer,
Belacqua Jones


Anonymous said...

Uncle Case,
It's me Sarah! Hey this is super bitter OUCH! I was just googling our name and this is the first thing to show up. Don't worry I won't show dad ;) I am however voting our good ole senator mccain as president when I vote, as I do wish for someone with no strongs attached to do something for once. Don't know what bra burners are or that playtex made panty girdles, but as far as homosexuality goes both Sarah and John just don't really care to ban them or harm them they aren't a species,they are a lifestyle. Sarah and John, they aren't Bush afterall. Some of us Republicans care about the world and the country afterall. I know I do, and Dad. By the way he gets back from Iraq next week. PS tell this person I am plenty cultured I've probably been to more countries and LIVED in more cultures than they have been, and I plan to travel and do lots more. I am an enviornment lover as well and supporter of finding alternate energy supplies, such as utilizing wind power and solar energy. My little car gets 35 miles per gallon and only has 65,000 after owning it for 4 years. Not all us tattooed rebels are oblivious, and we can resist the thrall of the oh so powerful manippulation that people who aren't obama seem to have over us. well regardless i love you. interesting article!

Case Wagenvoord said...


What a pleasure to hear from you. I'm sending a separate email on family stuff.

The letter is more angry than bitter. Needless to say, you and I don't see eye-to-eye on McCain. For that matter, I'm not that pleased with Obama, either.

My concern is that we are trying to maintain an empire that is slowly bleeding us to death, and the hard truth is that it must be dismantled and the resources redirected to healing America.

We are a decent people that has suffered under a successin of rogue governments, both Republican and Democratic. And I fear that regardless who wins this election, we will see more of the same.

Go ahead and show this to your dad. Let me know when he's back in the states.

Uncle Case