Friday, February 27, 2009

Stoned Vision No. (1+x)^n=1+nx/1!+(n(n-1) x^2)/2!+⋯


Stoned fucking stonedstonedstonedstoned, I see dark vultures in corkscrew descent bank and turn, spinning threads of golden rhetoric from their bloodied beaks, bead eyes rheumy from the dust of a falling temple as money changers flee in disarray groaning beneath the weight of their golden sacks, and I see Big Al G. chained to a slab of broken marble as vultures tear at his liver even as he sings motets of praise to their entrepreneurial spirit as the roiled blood of the innocent laps at his stone bier, blood choked with the spreadsheets of the damned, thick and heavy with the coagulants of imperial debris spend and drained, and the marble dust thickens until all are blinded by the vision of a glorious future stretching out before them into the fog bank of dust that slowly chokes the life out of them...

…then I fucking pass out…



Anonymous said...

My Marijuana Sucks!

I experience nothing remotely so profound as what you have described.

Are you mixing mescaline with it?


Case Wagenvoord said...

The sacry thing is that I'm not smoking anything when I do these.