Thursday, March 5, 2009

Constructive Anxiety

Dear George,

Hear, now, as I sing the praises of anxiety, that state of mind that is so dreaded it has become a permanent part of our collective psyche.

Power goes to him who can see anxiety as a constructive contribution to social stability. Because the drones can’t stand uncertainty, they seek the stability of escapism. Disneyland never changes, and that is their comfort and their succor.

This same dynamic produces the short-term thinking that is the bedrock of our “free” society. When the future looks like shit, all the proles want to do is stay in the “now”. For the anxious, the world shrinks and is reduced to the mantra, “I’ve got mine!” as they close their ears to the coda that whispers, “…for now.”

Anxiety has a bracing effect on religion. In the face of it religion jettisons God and replaces him with a pathological need for a dogmatic fortress. This creates the siege mentality in which all that is different is seen as a toxic threat.

In a world threatened by fantasies of the unknown and the unseen, the only viable response is untrammeled aggression. It is a world that demands torture, not treatment. Our rampart must be earthen works of violence. We must rain fire upon the earth, purging it of its impurities that threaten our freedom.

The state must keep the proles off balance. Let them have faith in nothing that they might embrace the empty and the vacuous with greater vigor. Let their jobs be swept away; let their children seek meaning with the pierced and the inked in the Holy Temple of the Mall. Let them see in the evening news the many threats, seen and unseen, that strangle their well being.

Let them taste the naked truth that ours is a feral economy that devours its children, and let them turn away from this truth and cover its face with the bland shroud of their anxiety.

Your admirer,
Belacqua Jones


Anonymous said...

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