Thursday, November 26, 2009

Buy Nothing Day

Just a reminder that tomorrow is Buy Nothing Day, a day when we turn our backs on the rampant consumerism that has devastated households and driven many deeply into debt. It is a day when we stop and remember that the good life means more than having a lot of stuff, that there is more to a country and a community than feral economic growth. Today’s toys are tomorrow’s landfill. Their manufacture fouls our air and pollutes our water.

So, give the earth a break and stay home, and while you are doing so, have a most enjoyable day. Let us pray that next Thanksgiving we will have more to be thankful for.


TAO Walker said...

All the hysterical media hype about "the return of growth" makes as much real sense as some CONfused "individual" waxing ecstatic on learning their cancer is back. Come to think of it, that's exactly what it is....only on a mass scale.

This Old Indian has yet to hear from any inmate of the CONtraption just what might specifically be used from among its toxic industrial waste-products (including the ideological and institutional ones) to counter the lethal effects of those same toxic industrial waste-products. Faux "democracy" and predatory "capitalism," for example, together appear to comprise only what is perhaps the most effective "delivery system" for the damned things.

Anyone among the captives care to address this rather crucial "dynamic"?


Case Wagenvoord said...

Democracy and capitalism go together like oil and water.

TAO Walker said...

So that's why "There's a whole lotta shakin' goin' on!"? The privateers need it to maintain the illusion of a "natural" blend of the two otherwise completely incompatible CONceits? The marks need it to keep on pretending there's really something for theirownselfs in the "global" pyramid scam?

It's hard to see anything but more misery coming out of such widespread self-delusion.