Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Keeping America Safe from Democracy

Dear George,

Forget the delegate count, forget the won primaries, and forget the popular vote. The Lords of America ain’t going to allow Obama to step one foot into the “White” House.

Did you see that freaking picture of his rally in Portland, OR that drew 85,000 people? That’s a mob ready to spin out of control!

The orderly functioning of our monocratic Corporatist State rests on a firm foundation of public apathy. Apathy yields lassitude and lassitude yields the ennui that doesn’t give a shit.

Boredom, George, is the key to “soft” authoritarianism.

As one commentator put it, “Another elite tactic of managed democracy (a code word for monocracy) is to bore the electorate to such an extent that it gradually fails to pay any attention to politics. One method of assuring control is to make electioneering continuous, year-round, saturated with party propaganda, punctuated with the wisdom of kept pundits, bringing a result boring rather than energizing, the kind of civic lassitude on which managed democracy (monocracy) thrives (Emphasis mine).

A bored public sleeps as its freedom and prosperity are slowly leeched off.

The problem with Obama is that he is stirring up the mob. He’s getting them excited and agitated. The worst part is that he’s getting them involved.

It makes no difference how deeply he is stuffed into the corporate back pocket. Once the mob is turned on, he will be forced onto a reformist path and God knows what sort of damage he could inflict on the well- greased machinery of our free, democratic society.

I know your hopes were that HillBill would get the nomination, which would increase the chances of McCain taking the election. But the sad truth is that if Obama takes the nomination, McCain won’t stand a chance. America is a youth culture in which age is divorced from wisdom. In such a culture, dynamic youth trumps the old fart every time.

Nothing less than the future of our free, democratic monocracy is at stake. It is time to policify the big policy. As soon as Obama goes over the top, hit Iran with everything you’ve got. It will be a total disaster for America, but a disaster is exactly what you need to declare martial law.

But, don’t suspend the election yet. A rousing war works to McCain’s advantage. If he wins the election, your legacy in insured, and we continue to maintain the illusion that we are a democratic republic. If Obama wins, then you nullify the election, which you can do as our commander in chief.

Because of the way Obama has stirred up the mob, imposing martial law will be a more of a challenge than it should be. But with our militarized police force and Northcom firmly in place, the proles will be whipped into compliance in no time.

You have accomplished too much in the last seven years to allow it all to go down the drain just because the American people suddenly want to play democracy. The Big Dick explained the new world order with a single word. When a pundit pointed out to him that the majority of the America people were opposed to the Iraq enterprise, he shot back, “So?”

We are, indeed, entering a golden age.

Your admirer,
Belacqua Jones


Anonymous said...

Excellently well said.

Brian said...

If only more Americans understood how they're used by the ruling class. Not that it would make any difference in their behavior. As long as we have Monday Night Football and American Idol, things aren't so bad.

Anonymous said...

We have bread and circuses - what more could we want ?

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