Sunday, May 18, 2008

Spin Goes to War

Dear George,

The modern imperial war is an exercise in public relations. In truth, imperial conquest is all about controlling resources and expanding markets. This truth must be kept from the masses.

Spin is our ultimate weapon.

The brutal face of war must be slathered with layers of Manichean makeup until it glows with virtue. War is not a power grab to corner a given resource; it is part of a clash of civilizations we must fight to preserve our values.

Values are important to America because she has none. The more “value” is leeched out of the drones’ lives, and the more they are reduced to commodities, the more they are ready to cling to the make-believe values that justify our multiple wars.

Resource wars must become value wars. The spin must say that America isn’t desperate for oil; she is a militant missionary bringing freedom, corporatism and toys to the backward savages of the world, who want to destroy us because we are a free and prosperous people.

You also need labels, George, scads and scads of labels. Labels shield us from reality and bathe our basest instincts in the gentle light righteousness. “The Age of Terror” is a real keeper. Instead of aggressors, we are innocent victims of madmen who would destroy the American Way (another empty label). To preserve our innocence we are forced to send forth the Soldiers of Christ to smite the heathen. We don’t fight human beings with families and aspirations; we fight crazed terrorists who crave wanton destruction.

Bottom line: War is bullshit, and victory goes to he who can shovel the biggest load. This is what makes you such a brilliant commander-in-chief.

Your admirer,
Belacqua Jones

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