Monday, December 29, 2008

Carrying the Torch

Dear George,

It warms my heart to see that the time-honored tradition of Whitemen bombing testy natives into submission continues unabated. The latest torchbearer of this tradition is Israel with its air assault on Gaza, which a part of its ongoing campaign to neutralize the Palestinian presence on its biblically-deeded real estate, one way or another.

A salutary benefit of their latest campaign has been to settle the age-old question of how many native lives one White life is worth.

When a cease fire between Israel and Hamas expired last week, Hamas started lobbing rockets into southern Israel. The result was one Israeli death. In two days of air attacks, Israel has killed 290 Palestinians.

There you have it, George: one Whiteman is worth 290 natives.

The campaign has also helped to clarify the definition of a terrorist. A terrorist is now defined as any civilian killed in an aerial bombardment. And Israel’s been snuffing them right and left. Included among the 290 dead terrorists were 20 children under the age of 16 and nine women. I’m telling you, Big Guy, there ain’t nothing more dangerous than a toddler with an explosive vest that weighs more than he does strapped to his chest.

One of the targets of the Israeli attacks has been the tunnels between Egypt and Gaza through which food and medical supplies are funneled in defiance of an Israeli blockade. Weapons also travel through the tunnels because Palestinians cling to the silly idea that they should be able to defend themselves against an Israeli government that wants only to pacify them.

The assault has given your successor a chance to reaffirm the “special relationship between the United States and Israel.” This, of course, means looking the other way as Israel domesticates its native population.

The blood spilled to bring civilization to the unwashed is blood well spilt. It is this blood that has been nourishing the tree of Western Civilization for centuries. Thanks to the Israeli air force, the tree continues to thrive.

Your admirer,
Belacqua Jones


Jason said...

Case.....or should I say, Belacqua my good sir.

About 2 months ago, after realizing for the 3rd time in 8 years that the "drones" of this Favorite Nation of Jeebus would once again not vote, in at the very least the low double digit % range, for the only real Presidential Candidate in the last 45 years (Ralph Nader); I became abjectly disheartened. Unhealthily so actually.

For my free time I sat there perusing the Net for something original. Something to uplift me. Something not addicted to the Obama Kool-Aid...even amongst the numerous "Progressive" Blogs and News sites.

Somehow....thankfully....mercifully...I eventually stumbled across two. Chris Hedges on and this Hilarious, Salient, Beyond Sarcastic, Biting, Orgasmically Wonderful form of expression you have created.

I forward your Machiavellian Meth Treatises to as many informed people as I can. Which sadly isn't enough. Unfortunately, there aren't too many people out there who would get this Mastery of Politics. Firstly, one has to realize that 'Amurika' isn't the greatest nation of all time. Right there that probably excludes 85-95% of the populace.

Nevertheless, I wanted to extend to you the grandest kudos I possibly could via this format.

I don't how you do it. I don't know how you channel what you do 5-6 out of every 7 days of the week...but I for one love it.

If I may, Belacqua has become as ritualistic and necessary to me as a morning cup of coffee or a beautifully cathartic morning bowel movement is to some.

It allows me to start the day with my bullshit detector always sharp as a tack and honed to a kitana's razor sharp edge.

Living in a society where absurdity upon absurdity is heaped like a thousand magnetic dung piles surrounding you from morning to night, it can be quite normal to just throw one's hands up in the air...check out...and suck up to what is spoon fed to us on the idiot box. But one must remain vigilant that this not occur.

I thank you for your vigilance...and for enhancing mine and so many others.

Your Eternal Fan,

P.S. I am currently halfway through Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States. How I managed to live 37 years without having already read this masterpiece is a testament to not only my own shortcomings, but also to the state of our education system in this nation. Were I Benevolant Dictator, no High School Senior would graduate until they passed with at least an 80%, a two semester analysis of this treasure. Were that it could be so.... *sigh*

Case Wagenvoord said...


Many thanks for your kind words. Sometimes doing this blog feels like pissing into a hurricane. It's gratifying to know that it makes an impact.

Buffalo Bro said...

Insightful, historical analysis! There is an old '60's' group called the "Last Poets" that had a poem/Rap entitled "The White Man's Got a GOD Complex!" Your blog brings that fact current. "Keep on Pushin" to quote another prescient title. :)
Buffalo Bro.

Case Wagenvoord said...


It is a God complex, indeed. I have always said that the big problem with religion is that all too often the ego farts and the soul thinks the breath of the spirit is upon it.

Lynn said...

There has NEVER BEEN SOMEONE MORE RIGHT ON THAN YOU!!! You are FUCKING amazing in you honesty!!...figures that you hail from jersy LIBERTY LYNN from the BLUE STATE of CALIFORNIA

Case Wagenvoord said...


Thank you for your kind words.

Anonymous said...

Even the name Israel is whispered with reverence in the Beltway and beyond! I had to make a distinction between most of the people of Israel and the actions of their government. Just as I had to separate myself from the actions of my so-called government. Nevertheless, I know you know, Israel is often held up as a paragon of democracy and a stabilizing (read dominating)force in the Middle East (read North Africa, east and middle of nowhere and everywhere.) No one seems to mention the fact that you must be Jewish to be an Israeli. There are millions of Jews who detest what the Israeli government is doing. I think that Zionism, apart from Judaism, is exclusionary and trivializes everyone who is not Jewish and Zionist in thinking. I hesitate to attribute these attributes to Jews in general because that would be racism. I cannot condemn a whole people for the actions of some of them. I use to be afraid to speak my mind about what I think and feel about Israeli apartheid against Palestinians. Not any more! Every other country in the West would resist the annexation of their land by invaders. Why do we expect something different from Palestinians? My heart goes out to the Palestinians and all Jews who are peace loving and know this is unjust, inhuman treatment. The painful irony is that this is the very thing the Nazi's were guilty of. This injustice was begun and sanctioned by the UN in 1948. It must be corrected. This is the truth. The Israeli State has become the monster we all feared!

Case Wagenvoord said...


I agree with you completely. Just as the bigots who spount scripture are not representative of Christianity, neither are Zionists representative of Judaism.

Anonymous said...