Saturday, August 2, 2008

Blog Lockout

Upon logging on to the site, you got a box saying Internet Explorer can't open the page. Don't click on the box. Simply move it to one side and read on.

It appears that many of the sites that subscribe to have been blocked. A fuller explanation can be found here:

I could correct the problem by removing Sitemeter, but will wait until this afternoon to see if the problem is resolved.

In another unrelated prolem, Goggle sent out a blurb that it accidentally locked out a number of sites as possible spammers. This is unrelated to the problem with sitemeter, and Google is working to resolve the problem.

Thank God I'm not a paranoid racked with dark suspisions about our Big Brother government blocking out sites it considers subversive otherwise I'd be sitting here in a sweat waiting for hooded government agents to come crashing through my door, cuff me and airfreight me off to one of their multiple black sites.

From somewhere in custody, I remain

Case Wagenvoord

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