Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Democrat's Denver Love-In

Dear George,

Talk about a love-in, the Democratic convention being held in the corporatized Pepsi Convention Center makes the Haight-Asbury of the 60s look like a boxing match.

The only ripple was Dennis Kucinich’s rant, but that was kept off prime time so the damage was minimized. The last thing we need is America waking up.

One writer summed it up very nicely when he wrote:

It has been two days since the Democratic Convention started, and not one speaker has come close to expressing the nausea one hopes any decent person would have developed for this administration. Instead, all we hear are hosannas to that persistent Democratic weasel word of conventions past, ‘bipartisanship’.

(Who gives a damn about ‘nausea’ when you’re a unitary executive who has slipped the bounds of constitutional restraint and are soaring in the heady atmosphere of hubric empowerment?)

Bipartisanship is the shit that fertilizes the corporate state. The efficiency of the corporation is made possible because it is an exercise in the totalistic unity of purpose. If the state is to become an extension of corporate power, it must manifest the same unity. Partisanship and corporatism are like oil and water.

Bipartisanship first raised its ugly head at the dawning of the Cold War when Congress decided it would be really patriotic to place questions of foreign policy outside the partisan arena. The result was Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as a gargantuan defense budget. In other words, foreign policy was corporatized.

Now we are on the cusp of the corporatization of domestic policy. Instead of partisanship, the operative word is now politeness (the right wing excluded, of course).

It’s an historic moment, George. What we are seeing is nothing less than the folding of the Democratic Party into the Republican Party. That is the true significance of Biden’s elevation to the vice presidency. If anyone will protect the status quo ante/post it is he. His efforts to shill for your Iraq enterprise were nothing short of heroic.

Blandness in now the word of the day, the blandness of the "suits" who blend so well into the sheet rock as they set into motion the policies that kill and destroy. Decades of upbringing and training have leached the last remnants of decency from their souls, leaving only sterile egos that are deaf to the screams and cries of the maimed and the dying.

So certain are they of their God-ordained mission that they brook neither discussion nor debate. In their place they substitute the bipartisan policies that are rubber stamped by their congressional employees.

It’s efficient, George, beautifully efficient. When one is confronting imaginary threats and enemies, rapid response is essential.

All the while, America sleeps. And should she feel a stirring of unease over the loss of her freedom, she simply pops another pill and all is well again.

Your admire,
Belacqua Jones


Anonymous said...

What we are seeing is nothing less than the folding of the Democratic Party into the Republican Party. ..I was beginning to think I was the only one who noticed..Of course we have to credit Bubba with dragging the Dems so far to the right that they`ll never find their way back.I look forward to Belaqua`s advice to our new Decider the same as the old decider...Take care out there Case

Case Wagenvoord said...

Thanks ibluesman. At least there will still be plenty to write about.

Mark Prime (tpm/Confession Zero) said...

When one is confronting imaginary presidents Big Pharma wins!

Case Wagenvoord said...

Along with Big Oil, Big Finance and Big Military-Industrial-Media complex.