Saturday, August 9, 2008

Wandering the Darkened Alleys of the Dark Side

Dear George,

The Big Dick likes to remind us that in fighting your Eternal War of the Empty Policy it is often necessary to go to the Dark Side.

In the dull, amoral world of the policymaker where a crushing boredom solidifies his face into a rigid mask of propriety, the Dark Side is a siren song that draws him into the shadowy void where the bitch-whore Power promises him freedom and release as she grabs him by the crotch, for she sucks dry all who couple with her.

You need the Dark Side, George, to conceal the fact that your Eternal War is nothing but a figment of you febrile imagination that has scammed the Democrats into a mindless comparison of “whose is bigger.” The Dark Side is a trash-strewn alley where not even the rats dare ask, “What War?”

It is on the Dark Side that shadows hide your weakness as your power grows and hardens, and you become a giant striding across the earth with all your past failures redeemed by the bitch-whore Power who spreads for all willing to barter their souls away.

In a spasm of power, you have trashed an economy, ruined the middle class and focused their frustrations and fears on all who are brown of skin. Your seed is a cluster bomb that levels the home in which frightened children cling to their soon to be dead mother.

And in the bitch-whore, you see the face of our Savior and rejoice for you are doing Her work, deep, deep in the shadows where none can see.

Your admirer,
Belacqua Jones

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